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Texas License Plate  State government: including police cars, fire engines, and other state government cars usually use a combination in the Maa-nnn series of plates for registration. These plates exclusively use the Maa-nnn combinations and their design has always mirrored that of general issue plates. The government plate series started at MZA-000 to MZZ-999, MYA-000 to MYZ-999, MXA-000 to MXZ-999, MWA-000 to MWZ-999 and MVA-000 to MVU-999. The original state government plates were identical in design to the general issue equivalents. With the release of the Victoria – Garden State plates in 1977, the green text on white background was replaced with red text on white for government applications. This colour scheme has remained ever since, even with the adoption of newer plate designs and slogans. In 1992, plates in the MVE-000 to MVU-999 series sported a Victoria – Drive Safely slogan as per the general issue plates of this time. With the switch in 1994 to the slogan, Victoria – On the Move, the plates started at MAA-000 having skipped from MVV-000 to MVZ-999. The design and slogan changed in 2000 to the Victoria – The Place to Be type starting at around MBF-000. Sometime between August 2013 and April 2015, the series continued from MCV-000 under the new slogan Vic – Stay Alert Stay Alive, and as of and now is up to MDA-000 series as of December 2015.
Federal government: cars owned by the Australian Government but registered in Victoria use plates in the ZED-nnn series, with the letter Z being red. This is a carryover from the Federal Registration Scheme of the 1950s, when the Zaa-nnn series was allocated to the Australian Government. Trailers owned by the Federal Government use the combinations ZOO-nnn. Sufficient to say, that you can get more information about this topic from Texas license plate search service.